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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, I wish the first show of the New Year had been a little warmer- but it definitely WASN'T! The building held the chill and we were actually colder inside than those who ventured outside into the mist and rain to warm up!

It was an interesting show with a lot of new faces- we had folks from GA, TN, NJ and NY up- and those are just the license plates I checked in the parking lot :).

I saw today a beautiful animal- as soon as the owner put her down so I could look at her, I knew that was the BOB animal- I had even told a few folks that I'd already seen the winner. Sure enough, she took BOB and again, my gifts of prophecy game in to play! I correctly predicted that REW senior doe would also be our BIS winner. Congratulations to her owner, a new wooly breeder who has had them for only a year, and brought the first doe out of her first litter to her FIRST show (showing woolies).

I did fairly well. Unfortunately Joni and I were the only shaded exhibitors, so neither of us got any legs- which sucks because Heart Throb would have finished his GC with a BOSG and Keep's Prancer took BOG- for no legs!

In the second show, I took BOSB (to the doe I mentioned above) with Keep's Poplar! Keep's Fiona took BOG and Keep's Heart Throb took another BOSG.

So I didn't light the world on fire, but I did fairly well!

I forsee a BIG cull coming!

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Dru Shepherd said...

More info needed. What color was this winning rabbit? What made you see it was a winner? Who was the owner? Buck or doe? Us snowbound, none show-ers up north need cheering up. Give it up!-Dru

Keep said...

hehe Hey Dru!

The winning rabbit was a REW Sr. Doe, owned by a lady in TN name Veralyn. She had depth to die for and was so WIDE. Her wool was so dense and incredible. It was maybe a touch coarse, but your hands just sank in to it like it was a marshmallow! She was SUCH a complete, balanced rabbit, I couldn't believe it! Full to the table too and her flesh condition was incredible. I wish I had had my camera to take a picture of her, you'd be drooling like crazy!