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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mocksville, NC Show

Wow, what a great show! It helps that it was in a heated building- I can't stress enough how nice that is!

We have a new youth wooly exhibitor, which is EXCITING. She's starting out with shadeds which make me happy too! She seems thrilled with her buck, which is so great.

We also met a new open exhibitor! He went home with a trio, two selfs and a shaded, so HOORAY! It's so nice to see new folks getting in to the habit and starting out with woolies (which are really the best breed out there anyway).

I also made a pet sale that was fantastic- the little girl was dying over her new Jersey Wooly!

My rabbits REALLY showed off today!

My Opal Jr. Doe was the only Agouti- booo. She got a BOG automatically both shows though ROFL! I got really promising comments on her, I can't wait until she grows up!

Broken Senior Doe- BOSG Show B

Self Senior Buck- BOB Show A, BOG Show B!
Self Senior Doe- BOSG Show B

Shaded Senior Buck- BOG Show A, BOB Show B.
Shaded Senior Doe- 1/5 Show A, BOSB Show B.

So overall it was really a good time. Very laid back and everyone was cutting up and just having fun! I got to help with BIS for the youth (I checked ear numbers, GO ME!).

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Whitney said...

Way to go Keepee!!! :)

ThreeLittleLadiesRabbitry said...

Way to go Keepee! Make sure you submit your wins to the Jersey Wooly Wins Website!

Keep said...

Oh Thanks! I never think of doing that lol.

Kristina said...

Yaaay!! I really want to go to NC. Seems like so much competition with the Woolies! Down here it's mostly Hollands.

Keep said...

Oh we have great wooly competition! It's tough, but rewarding to do well! You should come sometime- our State Convention is March 19-20th and it's a GREAT show.

Kristina said...

Unfortunately I wont be able to go till later in the year. I'm getting married in March, which = 1 broke breeder for a while lol. I want to make a habit of going to one northern show a year (aside from convention).

Keep said...

Ahahaha, NC northern? That is funny :D. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

Kristina said...

I'm from Florida, so every state equals the north lol. Thanks, I'm trying to not spend most of my money on bunnies, and saving for the weeding. So hard though!