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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I feel ALIVE!

I'm finally starting to feel alive again after the nasty cold/flu/plague that hit me at Taylorsville. *whew*.

I've been doing fairly well on my herd reduction, I think. It hurts my heart to let bunnies go, especially some older ones that I've grown very attached to. In typical "me" fashion, I pulled a few after I had said I was going to let them go. Ahh well, my bunnies, I can do it if I want to :).

Though it's been cold, the bottles haven't been freezing lately. That makes me extremely happy! The fur chewing epidemic seems to be passing too. I wish I knew what had caused it, since it's cropped 5 of my pretty little juniors and took out two seniors I'd really like to show as well. Since one is a doe, I have to make the decision to either go on and breed her or wait and risk having trouble getting her started later.

Time is marching on so quickly! I was looking at pedigrees last night and can't believe how old some of my favorites are getting! It seems like just yesterday they were weanlings!

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