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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Looking Back at 2010's Resolutions

I'm revisiting my 2010 Rabbitry Resolutions today, so that I can concentrate on looking forward and making new ones before January 1!

In 2010 I wanted to:

Make a Final Decision on the Hollands-accomplished
Grand a Keep's Doe.- accomplished
Top 20 in JW Sweeps- accomplished
BIS or BRIS with a Homebred- failed

Read the whole post here.

Wow, I am surprised to see I didn't have "Win a class at nationals" on that list- I was second for SO LONG and this year I finally did win a class, and actually went on to take BOSG! HUGE thrill, by the way.

I did make a final decision on the hollands- unfortunately, that was to sell them all out to concentrate on the woolies. I don't regret it at all, but I do miss a few of them.

Grand a Keep's Doe! I did this several times, but I got cheated out of one of the legs when the show secretary decided to not send out ANY legs, ANY reports, etc. Yeahhhhhh. BUT, the mission was accomplished by several ladies. So yay!

Top 20 in Sweeps- I was blown away when I placed 10th. BLOWN-AWAY. It made me so happy, because we're a small rabbitry and I don't do a ton of shows.

BIS or BRIS with a homebred- Haven't made this one yet! I've had some looks. I've beaten rabbits in one show that take BIS in the next... but the stars just haven't aligned yet! We have such a beautiful set of rabbits down here all across the breeds that competition is always stiff- it'll happen one day though, I hope anyway!

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Whitney said...

Way to go Keep, you've done so well with your bunnies this year! Here's to a rocking 2011!

Keep said...

Thanks Whitney! :D I would wish you a rockin 2011, but I'm not sure HOW you can top this year with the hares! :D lol

Gwen said...

I've written a list of my resolutions for 2011:
Thanks =)