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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breeding isn't going so well

Ugh, the breeding side of things isn't going so well!

Dream I think I told you guys about- she's the one that ate all the hay out of her nestbox and was found eating one of the babies. Joy.

Flirt, a doe I brought home from Minnesota, decided to tank her litter in a big way. She pulled her belly BALD and built a beautiful nest- just beside her nestbox. She also kindled (early), in her fantastic nest, two beautiful little babies. When I walked outside, her two babies had frozen and she was snuggled up in the box giving me the evil eye.

So far my other two does haven't kindled. They are a day late. I have three more does due on the 18th. I'm hoping for SOME babies!

Keep's Rabbitry


Whitney said...

ughhhh :( I'm so sorry Keep!
I'm having a similar issue with my Rhinelanders, seems like none of my does are taking, I think they're protesting the cold..

Keep said...

It kills me that I lost two healthy litters to stupidity from a pair of proven does!! >.< argh! I need to breed a few more girls, but I worry it's too cold to even bother!