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Monday, December 27, 2010


I bought some supplementary lights for the rabbitry! Yay! I'm excited to get them put up, some of the corners of the rabbitry get kind of dark.

The first show of the New Year is coming up and I can't wait! I've got several rabbits to move out no matter what! When I get home, at least it will mean I've got some cage space! I need to decide who my show team is going to be. While several have chewed up their wool because of a feed issue, I've got some that are looking mighty good! I'll get out there tomorrow and brush everyone and make my final decisions.

I got a power washer and a wet/dry shop vac for Christmas. Bunny cage cleaning is going to be a BREEZE from here on out! I can't wait to get in there and give it a good scrub down.

Come this spring, I'm going to do a permanent reduction down to 40 rabbits. That means at least 5 adults are going to have to go and I'm going to be probably selling the cages so I don't fill them up again immediately. Tim will be thrilled for me to get the overflow out of the garage, so he can actually park the car in there!

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