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Thursday, December 9, 2010


As most of you know, I had to get a new barn this summer when we moved from the mountains of NC to the piedmont.

We had snow recently and it's been sitting on the barn and on our deck, not really melting. Well, that's not exactly right, we discovered it IS melting- and leaking through the roof to hit the floor in the rabbitry!

I am extremely not happy with this. Thankfully I *believe* it missed most of the rabbit cages, though I suspect that two cages did get hit with dropping water.

We have a work order in to have it fixed, but hooray, I have how many cages full of rabbits in there? I really need someone to be banging around to fix a problem that shouldn't have happened.

Grrr!! It's always something!

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April said...

Any way that you can load the rabbits into carriers and/or bring them in the house? I know you have a lot of rabbits so that probably isn't feasible, but I imagine someone working on the barn roof would be stressful.

Keep said...

I suggested that to Tim as well. It depends on when they come out- I don't think I have enough carriers for everyone, but I might be able to get the biggest part out. Of course, I have does due on the 14th and the 18th, so I am just SOHAPPY I'll have to be moving them around.

I am still livid about this. I spent too much on that building for it to LEAK 5 months later.