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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Misused Terminology

I've seen some terminology that is being misused, so I wanted to take a quick minute and do some general explanations.

Sell Out: This means you are selling out of x breed, x color, whatever. Selling them all. Not keeping a few for breeding purposes, not keeping over half of them, etc. If you plan to keep some or half, use the term "Herd Reduction".

Herd Reduction: Herd Reduction indicates you are selling more than just a few animals and is generally used to indicate a large cut in your overall numbers in the breed, color or general herd.

Carries: This is genes that the animal is proven to carry and produce. An animal can not carry for Agouti. It can not carry shaded and REW and pointed. Every color in the animal's background are simply "background colors", not an indication that the animal does, in fact, carry all those colors.

These are just a quick three I've been seeing a lot. Hope it's helpful to some folks.

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