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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I got a couple does bred last night! Yay! The bucks both got their ladies three times, which always makes me feel better. The girls have been on a special "babymaker" conditioner that a friend shared with me- though I'm not allowed to share what's in it.

My next litters aren't due until September 11th. I guess it's a good thing that I have a large break in between my litters (the last one being born about a week ago). It'll give me a chance to move out some animals!

I'm trying to get started on my Convention sales list. I will be offering transport to and from convention. The holes are DWARF sized, but I do have an adjustable carrier. Please be aware though, larger animals will cost more per hole, because it requires more of my limited space to bring it back.

I am also offering care at Convention- feeding, watering and cleaning of the shavings, for a small fee.

My next show, the Mountain State Fair, is coming up soon!! I am not expecting any spectacular results, we had to send in entries in the middle of august (great news) and almost everyone I entered are horribly molting LOL! Ahhh well, it will just be nice to go and see everyone! I guess I'd rather them be primed for convention.

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