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Friday, September 10, 2010

A Show! Finally a Show!

Wow, the title says it all- finally a show! I've only been to one this "Season" and I'm raring to go, even though everyone looks awful. No really- they look AWFUL.

There is my jr. buck who won BOB at the last show. Yeahhhhh he's thankfully not entered because I had a feeling he was going to blow his coat. Did I think he was going blow it quite like this? No!

This show is the Mountain State Fair in Fletcher, NC. It's one of my favorites. It's always so much fun, we get fun out of state judges and of course- free fair admission LOL!

It's also going to be so much fun because I will have an opportunity to see my bunny friends!

This is the second year a friend has asked that I donate a junior wooly or two to try to help garner interest in rabbits as 4-H animals in her county. I'm so excited, the one last year went to a fantastic home, so I hope the one(s) this year do just as well! :).

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