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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mountain State Fair

Wow- it rained the entire time at the Mountain State Fair! So much for getting to visit the fair!

It was nice to see that everyone had been hit with the molty stick just as hard as we had! It was fun though, the judges noticed the lack of wool on the woolies and we all had a good time kidding back and forth about it. Judge Bill Whaley led us all in a chorus of "It's got no wool!" when one of Joni's rabbits was being placed.

We had a new judge, one from Texas who someone said was a meat breed judge for Show A. I didn't do as well as I would have liked under him.

Under Bill Whaley in Show B, we did really well. Tryon took BOB, Panda and Elon both won their classes and "Dunno" a black junior buck took 2 of 6.

It was so nice to hear the judges commenting on how strong some of the classes were! When they say things like that, or let you know how close the placements are, it really gives you a sense of pride, whether you finish 3rd or first!

I have no idea what I'll be showing this weekend in Greensboro!

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