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Friday, August 21, 2009

Keep's News

What a day.

To begin with we lost the Belgian Hare runt. I hate it, we tried to save her, but Tim seems to think she was just determined to die.

We spent a good deal of time out in Conover today- we got to eat dinner with Joni which is always fun. I took Wooligans Aspen back to her, and picked up my three foster babies. What cuties!

I've got some does that will need nestboxes soon! SQUEE! Though, if they kindle I have NO idea where I'm gonna put the eventual babies. I definitely need to do a larger herd reduction than I'm doing now.

However, I am picking up a 6 hole stacker soon (I know, I know, I didn't want the rabbitry to grow! But what can ya do when you don't wanna cull right now? LOL).

Still working on getting new pictures. It'll take me longer to update the website because I'll have to watermark every picture- I had a picture of Lil Bit Farm's Zapp STOLEN from my website and used in a banner- FOR A MINI LOP BREEDER. What the crap? Gonna nip that in the bud by watermarking. I've tried contacting the breeder and freewebs where the site is being hosted and have so far had no luck.

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