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Monday, August 17, 2009

How to be a GOOD buyer!

I've had a lot of rabbit requests lately and certain things are really popping out at me. I think we would all do well to realize what it takes to be a GOOD rabbit buyer.

1.) Tell me what you want!

I get a lot of "I might want a buck or a doe......." or "I want this breed, that breed, or this other breed." No. Please tell me what you want. Are you looking for a Wooly doe out of Tryon? Are you looking specifically for a sable point holland? This will save us both a TON of time!

2.) Realize my bunnies are not made to order.

Don't get mad at me because I don't have a broken sable point jersey wooly doe out of Tryon x ____ with perfect everything. They aren't made to order. I take what I can get just like everyone else, and if they don't throw the color you want, you're more than welcome to keep waiting. If they DO throw exactly what you want, it's my herd. I have first pick of all litters, non-negotiable :).

3.) Make sure you WANT IT!

Please, before you email about an animal, make sure you're actually interested. Don't ask about a holland if you really want a flemish giant. Don't ask about a wooly if an Angora is what your heart is set on. I don't really appreciate spending three days answering a thousand questions to find out you were really only mildly curious. Changing your mind on an animal is fine- it happens, but if I hear "oh... I was just wondering" again, I may kill someone.

4.) Be Reasonable

I don't mind taking pictures for you. I don't mind taking more pictures if there was something that wasn't clear or you'd like to see it from some other angle. I DO mind being asked for 400 pictures of the same rabbit, without knowing if you're seriously interested. The animal is not going to change significantly from today to tomorrow.

Likewise, please, please let me know if you're interested or not. Stringing me along for 2 weeks then asking me to hold it for an unspecified amount of time= not cool. Likewise, don't get mad if I don't hear from you and then sell the animal to someone else.

5.) Be Polite!

Your reputation is built on how you buy just as much as what you sell or how you show at the tables. A friend of mine had someone inquire about an animal then basically email back later and say "Oh, I decided to buy some from a local show instead- I think what I got is way better." Surprisingly enough, she wasn't thrilled to get other inquiries from the buyer. Rabbit folks talk and share info! It's harder to rebuild a reputation than to just start out with a good one! This goes for PET buyers too. A nicer response is "She's not what I'm looking for right now." or "I think I found a better fit for my herd- thanks for your time!"

6.) I don't haggle and I don't do free breedings.

I've worked very hard for my animals. I sell them significantly under value as it is. No, I don't do discount for 4-H, youth, senior citizen, new breeders, old breeders, show acquiantances, etc. etc. I'm sorry, I don't. Sob stories won't change that. Threats won't change that.

I DON'T do free breedings. My bucks are my bucks. I don't want to see a doe's babies up for sale for 4 times what I'd sell them for, so you can make quick money. There is nothing on Earth that will make me let you use my best bucks, for free (or stud fee). If you want to get babies out of Rory, you'll have to either purchase his offspring and make your own, or pray some day I sell him.

I realize some of this stuff sounds witchy, but really folks, be decent to sellers! You aren't doing us a favor and we don't make millions selling these animals.

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LilBitFarms said...

'only mildly curious' ROFL!

I really enjoyed this blog. You made some great points!

Keep said...

LOL Glad you enjoy it!

Seriously- it's like "Tell me about every animal you have for sale" and then I get a "oh...ok thanks. I was just curious".

.............*stab* lol

April said...

This is a really great blog!

Karlie Ries @ Show Bunny Rabbitry said...

This is really good! Do you mind if I use it? I will put a link to your blog and your name over it.


~Kayla said...

Ya can I use it too? Its so great!

Robin and Philip said...

Thanks for your blog. It reminds us of some of the buyers we deal with when selling our Hollands.

Keep said...

Hey guys! Go ahead and use it! A link back and a name is great :D.