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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Juniors are so Frustrating!

I went outside to tattoo the sale juniors today. I had previously marked their ears with sharpie, but was ready to do something a little more permanent.

Locker was no trouble at all. Such a sweet buck! He let me tattoo him, snuggled a bit and happily went back to his cage.

Rayne and Ranger were demon children. They twitched and showed their butts so badly that their ears just ended up solid black. I have no idea how the tatts are going to come out. NO IDEA. I got so frustrated with them >.< They are normally pretty sweet little bunnies, but not today!

Ryder gave me a little trouble, but he at least has a passable tattoo! I worked backwards on him, so he even has a funky looking "3" in there. But hey, you can READ IT at least.

At this point, I put up my kit and left the rabbitry. My frustration was translating to the rabbits, the dogs were acting like fools (no little contributor to my irritation) and nothing good was going to come out of continuing to mess with the rabbits.

*sigh* That means I'll have to tattoo the others later. Oh..joy.

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