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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BL's Bunny Barn Sell Out

My friend Brandi is selling out :( *sigh*

Jersey Woolies
14 does (REWs, chestnut, shaded, 1 AOV, blacks) most of these girls are proven and have been shown---some are reg. and GC. Asking $300.00 for all of them.
7 of these does are bred!
7 bucks (blacks, chestnut and shaded, 1 AOV) a couple of these have been shown and have legs. Most are proven. Asking $150.00 for all of them.

9 Thriantas-4 bucks, 5 does ( some of them have been shown) Asking $175.00 for all of them.

1 6 hole stacker $75.00
9 nestboxes (may have a couple more) $35.00
4 carriers (good conditon) $40.00
19 cages with pans ( I think they are 24 X 24 , but will double check to be sure) $200.00 for all of them. (I may have a couple more)
I will also have around 20 water bottles and some crocks.

If you buy everything, you get it for $850.00

I can not ship any of these items. I do plan on going to the Fletcher show in september.

I need to move this stuff as soon as possible, so if anyone is interested, please e-mail me. I may not have the internet after the 28th of this month.

You can contact her at brokeponies@adelphia.net

*On a somewhat related note, I've just updated my Sales List*

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