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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Therapy Rabbits

Therapy horses, therapy dogs- therapy rabbits? It's amazing what animals can do for us.

Rabbit Shows are an amazing type of therapy for some folks. Rabbits in general are calming animals, many willing to spend hours being petted. But shows- wow. They help people battle depression, through the love of the animals and the close friendships formed. It gives people something to look forward and a win can propel you straight to Cloud 9.

Rabbit Shows bring the shy and chronically shy out of their shells. Plenty of people around, chatting about rabbits- a conversation will often start between two people and snowball until a group of us are standing around talking about the merits of one animal against another, exchanging breed information, etc.

In a situation where Tim & I will have to go a lot of moving around, leaving friends in our wake, I know I'll always get to see my rabbit friends :). They are a constant and I'm so lucky to have such great friends- ones that will let me crash at their house (with the dogs). We form groups- such as the new Thriantra & Belgian Hare Coalition. Cindy at Sea Breeze Bunnies & I will be working with a tiny herd of Thriantras to help Pete & Brandi at BL's Bunny Barn promote the gorgeous Thriantas. In return, Pete & Brandi will be getting a Belgian in the future and helping me with the promotion of the Belgian Hares!

It's just amazing, when you think about it, what animals can teach us and do for us. I've posted before that you don't make money with rabbits, but you will teach your kids amazing life lessons, responsibility and hey- if they are shy, maybe they'll gain some confidence. Maybe the love of the rabbits will bring them out of a depression. A good friend of mine adopted a rabbit right after the death of her father. He helped her cope with her loss- years later, she still has them and is a great ally to rare breeds.

So go hug a bunny.

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jrsquared said...

I want to start a free rabbit therapy service to visit nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Any advice of what rabbits to use or how to begin??

Blue Ribbon Winning Rabbit said...

I would recommend a Netherland Dwarf. They are small and very loving.

Tinted said...

Hey, this is great stuff... i am doing a science fair study on animal therapy and it's great to have this kind of information around!
-hugs a rabbit-