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Monday, November 3, 2008

Leaving the Rabbits

While we were out at Convention, we left the rabbits in the hands of an experienced rabbit care giver. I taught this lady how to care for them, she's owned rabbits in the past, it's perfect! Right?

When we arrived back on Thursday, we were happy to see bowls mostly full, water bottles mostly full and everyone bright eyed and bushy tailed. Kind of.

In the midst of checking all my perfectly happy rabbits, I glanced in a bottom cage that was much like the others- full feed dish, full water bottle. However, this little buck had pulled some of his fur and he was on his feet swaying strangely. I picked him up and he didn't feel limp- most of you have felt the "death limp" where you know it won't make it. However, I could feel every bone in his body! What?!

After petting him a bit, I put him back in his cage and he DOVE in to his feed dish. Apparently, he'd grown quite attached to me, though I hadn't realized we were quite so close. He had pined away for a week, refusing to eat or drink while I was away! A quick check on the others revealed three others who apparently felt the same way, though not quite as extreme.

So definitely, no matter how tired you are, take a moment to great your rabbits and check everyone over! Most of my favorites were fine, it was these others, the silent lovers, who suffered the most while we were gone! Who'd have known?

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