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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Conditioning Mix!

I'm going to be offering Conditioning Mix, for sale at the Shelby Specialty show. It'll be $4 a lb or $3.50 per 5lbs. Any further discount can be discussed in private :).

I'm selling this conditioning mix in the interest of keeping it fresh and in small packages. Think about it- to mix my own, for only my personal use, will leave me with around 45lbs of mix. For a rabbitry with around 50 animals, several babies who would not be partaking in the conditioning mix, this will last me well past the time where the mix will still be fresh! It's definitely a benefit to share it!

I'll be mixing my conditioner up right before the show, so all packages will be as fresh as possible. If interested, please email me with how much mix you're interested in :). I do accept Paypal, Money Order and will also take a check if it arrives by this Saturday (11/15)

Keep's Rabbitry

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