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Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm excited! Malena & I will soon be trying the new Purina Fibre3 feed. I've heard great things about the feed as far as color, freshness and driving the bunnies WILD!

As a downside, some breeders are reporting less than stellar coats. That's fine, I'm confident my conditioning mix can keep the luster to their coats! Especially if the feed is superior otherwise!

What is Fibre3, you ask?

It's a corn free feed originally developed for pet owners, in an attempt to keep house bunnies from becoming obese. It's got a high crude protein content and is high fiber to help with the digestion of the animals! Check out it's ingredients here.

The best part is, it's at least $3 cheaper than what that awful feed store was charging me for Purina Show (blue bag) and it's $2 cheaper than the Manna Pro Malena was feeding!

I'll keep you guys updated!

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