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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I finally got a little Californian doe from Brandi & Pete! I'm thrilled, even though this girl (who is nameless right now) is a baby and won't be ready to start my meat program for months.

My original intention was a colony trio- setting up a pen for the three along with hiding places and nestboxes, and allowing them to breed when they chose to, etc. After all, these rabbits will not be shown, so maintaining a pedigree on them isn't important to me.

However, I now think it may be better just to set aside 3-4 holes and go from there. Because we don't own our home and property, it's harder for me to do what I want to do in regards to the rabbits. With the hole-approach, I WILL be able to keep tabs on the litters and so can do a pedigree if I choose to.

I'm excited about having a steady source of rabbit meat in the near future- it's healthy, delicious and I will be keeping close tabs on the amount of feed they eat and growth rates to determine if it's cost effective as well!

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