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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free Pets! Make a Great Surprise!

If you're looking at the title of this blog with a slightly "Has she lost her mind" expression, I applaud you.

Animals do not make great surprises. Period.

What has prompted this, you ask? A craigslist post, titled "Free Kittens! Makes a great surprise!"

Oh? For who? The people who didn't want a cat, didn't know they were allergic, have a brand new leather couch, who live in a pet free apartment? Or for the people who don't know how to take care of them and who had no desire to have a cat until a well meaning and doting great aunt presents their 4 year old with a kitten?


If someone says "Gee. I'd love to have a rabbit. I've done all my research, everything is set up and I'm just lacking the bunny-" then yes. Maybe a rabbit would work as a surprise. Assuming you know their size preference, sex preference, color preference, up ears or lops?

I always like to pick my own animal. This is a 14+ year commitment, or in the case of a rabbit, a 5+ year commitment. Why be saddled with an animal you may not click with, or think is completely ugly?

When I have pet buyers contact me wanting to buy a pet as a "surprise", I'm sure they feel like they get the third degree. I won't sell "surprise" pets for people outside the household, unless I can speak with the person that will be taking care of the animal- the mom or dad of the child (because most surprise pets go to children). It saves so much trouble in the end and really saves me the trouble of talking for 2 weeks with a buyer who flakes out because "my brother in law is being unreasonable and won't let my little niece have it after all."

Ugh- Free pets....great surprises. Meh. Only for the person who gets to be the hero for giving them the pet- not the poor parents who have to tell their child they can't keep it.

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April said...

This is a great subject to cover, especially near Christmas! Mind if I link this blog from my site?

Keep said...

Not at all April :)

~Kayla said...

Wow. Great subject!! That is so true!! I have often found people who want pet bunnies, will make them a surprise. Then later will say "Oh i guess they wanted a dog instead." Do you mind if i copy this on to my blog? Of course i will say it was your discusion. I just want to share it. :)

Keep said...

Sure, go ahead :)