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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shows & Things

I just received catalog information on the Greensboro, NC show September 15th. If you're interested and don't have the information, drop me an email and I'll forward that on to you! Greensboro is ALWAYS a fun show.

I've decided to offer Rogers Judas, a holland lop solid black tort senior buck for sale. You can see his picture above, and it is also on my website. Judas has placed very well for me when I've showed him, always in the upper part of the class. I love his head and ears especially, and this guy is so amazingly sweet. He is proven. I have decided to cut down on my number of hollands even more, and I've got another solid black tort sr buck who I love just as much. Tough decisions here guys. I'm asking $80 for Judas, which probably isn't enough but I would like to move him out quickly before I change my mind.

I'm also offering NGF Dream for sale. She's a broken black tort senior doe, and I don't really want to get rid of her- but I have to. She's had 1 litter for me. Unfortunately we were on vacation and they didn't survive the babysitters. Because of this, I'm only asking $30 for Dream. I will try to get a posed picture of her soon.

I also still have some other rabbits for sale, plus a few pets available.

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