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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rabbit Genetics - B

So we remember from last time that the A gene dictates A-Agouti, at- tan or a- self.

The B gene affects whether you get a black or a chocolate! That's it! B= black, b= chocolate! HOORAY! Enjoy the simplicity, C is a pain in the butt!

To get a chocolate rabbit, the gene has to be bb.

Colors in the chocolate family are lilac, lynx and chocolate. (Remember, you can have chocolate chinchilla, lilac tort, etc) If you have a chocolate chestnut rabbit, then you know it's genotype looks like this : A_ bb : A for the agouti, bb for the chocolate factor.

The Black family has many more options, including blue, opal, chinchilla, black, smoke pearl, siamese sable- basically anything that isn't lilac, lynx or chocolate!

So, if you have a solid black rabbit, he is B_, with the possibility of carrying chocolate. As chocolate is a less common color, other breeders will generally let you know if he actually could carry chocolate. A quick glance through the pedigree for chocolate, lilac or lynx can help you assess possibilities, though remember, recessive hides! If you breed a chocolate to a BB black, you can go through 40 generations before a chocolate pops up! Tricky genetics!

Gonna keep it short today- it's mah birthday :D.

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