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Monday, August 20, 2007

Mini Update

Yayyy! We now have 6 new holes! Plans are in the works for making them self cleaning, I'll be sure to post pictures when it's completed, which will hopefully be in the next day or so.

Keep's Future has been sold. I do have a few inquiries on other rabbits, but I must remind folks that until you make plans with me to pick it up, or send a deposit, the rabbit DOES remain for sale to others. So if you've been considering it for a week and someone else beats you to a definitive yes, I do apologize, but you lost out.

Our next show will be the Mountain State Fair on September 8th in Fletcher. Following that is the Greensboro Show on September 15th (in Greensboro of course). We can deliver rabbits along the interstate in the morning, if prearranged, or after the show if a deposit is placed on the rabbit, or paid in full- or if you managed to catch me on my cell phone on the way home and the rabbit did not sell :D.

I also lost a very promising little blue chinchilla mini lop today- I'm so sick of this heat! I NEVER lose rabbits to heat, and this summer I've lost 2, both mini lops! *sigh*

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