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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day of Discoveries

Wow, what an amazing 24 hours lol. To begin with-

Abby kindled! She was due on the 11th & didn't kindle until the 17th- oh yeah, she was WAY overdue! In fact, I almost took her nestbox away on the 16th when we were feeding! She had 3 babies, 2 DOA and 1 live viable kit! I'm in shock! And so thrilled, this is her first "litter" with Joe! I hope it pulls through, singletons always worry me.

We also discovered our chickens (at least one of them) has finally started laying! We have 2 Rhode Island Red hens. I'd love to have a rooster, but haven't come across one yet- and then of course, I'd have to explain to Tim why we need to get one haha.

We have had an entertaining non-rabbit-related day, shucking corn (fed the worms to the chickens! Muwahaha), and picking garden vegetables. Unfortunately, we didn't pick anything the buns could eat! I'm sure they are bitter, but next year maybe we'll get a bunny garden started :).

Tomorrow, Malena (who is amazing, by the way) is doing us a huge favor and dropping off 6 new holes, a 3 hole carrier and a new nestbox! YES! We needed the new holes badly, as you may have noticed from my sales list. We're going to have to rig something up, as our new holes are hangers, but I've got a few ideas, including trying to make them self cleaning! (Fingers crossed that it works!)

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