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Thursday, August 16, 2007

For Sale List

Ok, all rabbits are available at the Mtn State Fair on September 8th or on September 15th in Greensboro. I will require a deposit if you want me to hold the rabbit past the Mtn State Fair. smile.gif

Pictures can be seen on my website For Sale page :).

Holland Lops:

Keep's Future: jr. Holland Lop Buck- solid black tort
Nature Trail's Samson x Nature Trail's Miss Muffet! Great body, I've been
told to keep him because his head will come in later, but I just don't have the
room! Wish his crown was a little more forward, love his body. $45

Hamilton's Fendi: Sr. Holland Lop Doe- solid black tort
Fendi is a great mom, and a beautiful doe. Quite a looker, she manages to throw better than herself and it's amazing. Keeping her daughter as a replacement. $55

Narrow Gate Farm's Aquilla (Dega)- solid chestnut holland lop sr. buck. 2 legs.
He is proven and throws his gorgeous flat ears! Selling as brood quality,
he is a bit on the small side, but has placed well for me in the past. $50. May end up keeping him, we shall see.

Mini Lops
GC (pending) Keep's Super Fly: Sr. Mini Lop buck (GT Steel). I believe Fly has 8 or 9
legs, I'm not 100%, but can check for you. He's got a nice head and nice
crown, needs a little more to the HQ and he peaks a little early. He is a
lover boy, no personality concerns at all. $30 - Need the Space

Baraba's Ophelia: Sr. Mini Lop Doe (Opal). "Opie" is a brood doe, plain and
simple, and hates posing- I'd like to see a little more width and depth to her. Produces better than herself. She's a great mother and foster mother. $10

Keep's Eve: Jr. Mini Lop Doe (GT Steel). This girl is out of Super Fly and Abby, both GCs. She's very promising, I just like her sister a little better. Placed 3rd at her first show (only 2 1/2 months old), behind her sister and behind a 4 1/2 month old doe who won BOSB. $20

Keep's Baby: Jr Mini Lop Doe (Opal). She's cute, much more of a brood, I'm keeping her sister. Out of Ophelia & GC (pending) Velotta's Joe. $10.

As always, will discount on multiples.

*Will be attending more after the Mtn State Fair, please email or pm me for potential sales- including JW & more hollands*

Keep's Rabbitry

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