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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rabbit Genetics- D

Gettin' close to the end guys! :).

D is the Dense or Dilute. :D The end.

Just kidding lol, but it's really almost that simple

D is Dense, d is dilute. The dilute of black is blue, the dilute of chocolate is lilac. In any color you can get, it also comes in dilute, for example a black tort and a blue tort. Blue tort is the dilute of black tort :D. The dilute of chestnut is opal :).

"Carries dilute" is something folks will like to tell you about their rabbits, a lot like they'll let you know if it's a chocolate carrier.

All you need now is to know what color is a dilute of what! Laurie Stroupe has a nice chart on her rabbit genetics page here.

Just scroll down to the bottom! I also recommend Laurie's page for a more in depth look at genetics.

Well, I'm sorry this one was so short and sweet, but that's really all I have to say about D gene! After all, by now you know you can have a dilute only with dd, a carrier with Dd and a true breeding Dense with DD.

On a side note, I did add a cute little junior buck (solid black tort) out of Nature Trail's Samson and Nature Trail's Miss Muffett to my for sale page :).

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