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Friday, August 10, 2007

No babies :(

When Tim and I moved here, I had 4 does due within a week or so- and from those breedings I got 1 live baby. No problem, I didn't realize how stressed out they'd be. So, we've hit the second round of breedings, and so far none of my woolies have produced. Ok, it's summer, there is a chance the buck has gone sterile, ya know?

Last night, I went out to feed and found a small dead baby in Bertha's (ML) cage. I mean this guy was tiny! She had half eaten him. Gross. She's not due until tomorrow, so I thought maybe she accidentally aborted him, or he was born early because of some problem. I gave her a nestbox and removed the baby.

While on the phone later, I made a trip to the rabbitry and discovered five more babies scattered across the wire, all about the same size as the first one. Abby is still due on the 11th, so she's my last hope for babies this round.

It's so upsetting to find dead babies, especially this close to the due-date and from a proven mom! It's sad having only one young junior baby as well!

I was told by Dennie of SCG that when she made a big move, it was in to the following year before she had babies! Oh no! Hopefully my guys and girls will realize we're still in the same state and figure 2 months of punishment is enough.

We can hope anyway, eh?

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