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Friday, December 28, 2012

Rabbitry Goals 2012- Revisited

Here they are- the Rabbitry Goals I set right around a year ago.  Let's see how I did this year!

Let's see- Rabbitry goals for 2012.

Keep the herd to no more than 35 animals. I have happily cut down on the size of the herd this year and I'm liking the smaller numbers.  I don't want to go above 35 animals (although that number may fluctuate as litters are born).  This one is accomplished! I even sold some extra stackers and loose cages so I wouldn't be tempted.
Take a BIS.  I finally got my Reserve in Show.  I want to bump it up a notch and take a Best in Show in 2012. I feel like I have several animals that are deserving of that honor, it just all depends on what they look like on any given show day.  Fingers crossed.  Sigh.  No matter how ready you feel you or your animals are, you just can't predict what you will show against on any given day.  I've had some looks, but that elusive BIS is still just out of reach.  Fail.

Keep the website updated. For this one to work, first I need to get the website updated.  It's my goal to get new pictures of the rabbits up and keep them updated in 2012.   Fail.  Actually this one is almost a tie if I cheat a little.  I moved the website here to the blog to help with keeping it updated, but still failed to get pictures of pretty much any of my rabbits.  Fail.

Take a Top 5 in Sweepstakes Points.  This goal is going to be more difficult.  I was so close in 2011 but close doesn't count. I'm hopeful, but at the end of the day, this is probably the least important of my goals.   Yet another Fail.  I actually skipped a few shows this past year and while I still placed Top 10 in Sweepstakes points (I was 9th), I didn't make that Top 5 and I didn't remain as close as I was last year.  Oh well!

"I think rabbitry goals are important.  Every year I sit down and think of where I have come from and where I am going.  I was blessed this year to cross off everything on my list.  It was a big year for rabbits and for me- I sent two rabbits overseas, took a class and opposite of group at Convention, won a BRIS with a homebred wooly, placed 6th in Sweeps and worked through a terrible tragedy, including the loss of my beloved Tryon.  I hope that 2012 brings more joy and bigger accomplishments."

So there we have it. I mostly failed my Rabbitry goals for 2012!  That's ok though.  This year I skipped Convention- and by skipping it, rediscovered the excitement and love I have for the "Big" shows. I can't wait to get out there next year.   I am in a better place with the rabbits- I still miss Tryon and the others we lost, but that is always going to be there.  The important thing is I can enter the rabbitry and not be surprised when he isn't there.  Never mind that his cage is still open- someday a bunny will fill it.  I'm the most excited about my newest generation- the juniors and barely-seniors who will be replacing several retirees on the show tables and in the breeding program.  I haven't been this excited about a generation in years- I can't wait to see what 2013 brings.



The Kings said...

I love reading your goals! I hope you have a successful 2013...:-) Can't wait to see those babies!

Keep said...

Thank you much :D <3.