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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Keep's Rumor Has It- (chestnut wooly doe) kindled three babies today! Unfortunately the REW is a peanut, but she did have two beautifully marked brokens.

Sky's Lillith (formerly "Torn Ear") also kindled today- I believe there are six fat little squirmy babies in the box.  Lillith is a little on edge as this is her first litter, so I resisted the urge to pull all the babies out and get a more accurate count.

I am thrilled to have babies again and even more happy that the Florida White project is off to a good start! The top babies from this litter will be for sale in an attempt to get more folks interested in the breed here in North Carolina, the rest will be processed.    It is possible that the top doe from the litter will stay on so that we can track her growth rate and eventually send her on to Haiti as a proven producer herself.


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