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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Florida White Update and Slight Blog Change

Well it looks like Tim's Florida Whites are about to take off!

Sky's "Torn Ear" (he needs to name these creatures) is nesting like crazy!  She is due on Friday along with Keep's Rumor Has It, a chestnut wooly doe.

Sky's "Other Doe" finally allowed herself to be bred by Sky's "Buck" (I told you he needs to name them!) so we should be having another litter three weeks

I am  making a slight change to the blog.  I don't typically tag each post, but I am making an exception.  All Florida White updates will be found under the tag "Haiti" for ease of keeping up with the project. 

The Florida Whites are enjoying their attempt at transition to more natural foods.  Unfortunately we're heading in to winter, so while I am collecting what I can, we aren't going to be able to do a total switch over this year, though I do plan on supplementing with apples, sweet potatoes, etc. throughout the cold weather. 

Once Spring comes, I'm planning on hitting the conversion harder and focusing more on foods that will be found in Haiti.


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