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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Warm Weather

It's December 1st and here in my little corner of North Carolina, the temperature is aiming for the mid-60s.

I love it.

I am planning on getting the last few does bred while we have nice weather. Hopefully the second Florida White doe will finally breed.  The first one was easy, but the second one does not care to have babies. 

While outside, I'll be trying to gather up more pinecones for Christmas treats for the bunnies.  They are toy and munchies all in one- plus they are free! Can't beat free. 

I had briefly entertained the thought of trying to get pictures of some of the juniors, but Tim just informed me he "doesn't want to do anything, ever" today.  Guess I probably shouldn't ask about his help getting pictures.  Sigh.

Everyone is doing great- the next litters aren't expected until December, so it's quiet around here.  I don't have any shows coming up soon either, so I guess we're just in a holding pattern.  Sometimes it's nice to have that break.


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