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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby update!

We've had a mini baby boom around here!

Keep's Indiana started the ball rolling yesterday with her litter of five by Keep's Panda!  Yep, five 12-12-12 babies born!  I checked them again today, she had three brokens and two solids. Unfortunately, two of the brokens have no color in their whisker beds, which makes them unshowable.  The third has a large patch on one side, but it also is very small- at the best it is a runt and at the worst, it is a peanut. 

Keep's Fiona was caught making her nest this morning when I went out to check on her before work.  She stopped what she was doing and stared at me, a hunk of wool hanging from her mouth.  I swear she would have whistled innocently if she could have.  She didn't move until I left, goofy girl does not want to be seen preparing for her babies.

I asked Tim to go out and check on her around lunch time and he found that she had kindled two healthy shaded babies with Keep's Bump It Up.   While checking on her, he noticed that Keep's Puzzle was in labor!  She ultimately kindled one healthy baby, one DOA and one poor little malformed creature.  It was from an outcross breeding, but nothing like this has popped up in any of his previous litters- or in hers.  It was an oddity for sure.  Her healthy baby is living with Fiona's pair.

I finally bit the bullet and stuck a hand in the Florida White cage.  She slammed her head in to my palm, but let me pet her head.  I'm not sure she knows what she wants to do, she acts as if she wants to tear me up, then refuses the opportunity to do so.

We have five LARGE fat and happy Florida White babies.  They are adorable, even if they are all plain white.

Keep's Rumor Has It's peanut passed away, leaving her with two broken babies, also out of Keep's Panda.  These are perfectly marked.  One is a tort (possibly a blue tort) while the other is... well I am not sure.  It looks like a broken black right now, but it could easily be a broken chestnut.  It can be hard to ID colors on very young babies, especially when you are just taking quick looks in cold weather!


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