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Monday, April 30, 2012

New Breedings

I have done a few breedings recently- 

Keep's Fiona x Keep's Panda
Keep's Nova x Keep's Tribute
Keep's Puzzle x Keep's Tribute
BL's Jiggy x Keep's Poplar

I've noticed that in my effort to spread out my shaded lines a little bit I am getting fewer and fewer shaded babies.  Currently I have the four babies- two are black, one is shaded and one is AOV.

Of the litters I am expecting, all of them are shaded to self with the exception of Jiggy & Poplar- that is a self to self breeding, though Poplar is a REW hiding agouti.  I could actually even get orange out of that pairing, since both carry for tort.

My fingers are crossed for doe babies.  I'm getting dangerously close to having a dying herd.  Most of my does are getting older- it has been two years since I started getting primarily boys.  I don't want to have to continuously buy does from other breeders to keep my herd going!

Keep's Muse kindled today.  Unfortunately one was a DOA, one is dying (she dumped it on the wire and I haven't been able to get it happily warmed back up) and I believe she is still in labor.  I hope she delivers this last kit soon and without a lot of trouble.  I can not afford to lose her!

Erb's Indiana made a lovely nest, but she has yet to put anything in it.  Fingers crossed for a healthy litter from her!


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