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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Great Saturday

Saturday we got up early and headed to Taylorsville for the double.  We weren't able to get our usual location, so we were crammed into a smaller side building- the wooly table was outside on a porch and it was cold for a good portion of the morning.

Despite that inconveniences- the show must go on!  I did very well under judge Jamie Green, which surprised me- I usually don't have excellent placings under him.  This isn't a knock on him, we just have a different vision of what our perfect wooly is, I guess.  This time however, I did very well! Panda took a BOSG, my little junior self buck Ninja won his class (1/6), while Poplar, my self senior buck took...oh shoot, I don't remember if he took BOG or BOSG and I'm entirely too tired to go find my show sheet! This is why I write down my placements though- less than 6 hours after we left the show and I'm already forgetting placements.  Keep's Tribute took a BOG in shadeds and Keep's Romeo surprised me by winning the shaded junior buck class, despite his awful molt and his "uglies" (he's 3 1/2 months old).  Ultimately, Keep's Poplar took BOSB in Show A!  I was so tickled, though Poplar seems to be my perpetual BOSB bunny.

In Show B, we nearly weren't assigned a table! This meant that at 4pm, we still hadn't been judged- we were crammed far down on the list of show breeds, though we had nearly 60 woolies.  We were all tired, luckily the ladies I show with are a bunch of goobers, so as tired as we were, there were plenty of laughs!

In Show B, under Carla Wilson, I also did fairly well! Panda took BOG while Keep's Taurus, a tiny little 10 week old buck beat out Ninja and the other self junior bucks to take his class.  I was thrilled, this guy was only along to give him show "practice".   Keep's Cairo took the Shaded Sr. Buck class, Keep's Muse took the Shaded Sr. Doe class and they placed BOG and BOSG in that order.   In the end, Keep's Cairo took BOB in Show B!  You could have knocked me over with a feather- I just happened to grab Cairo out of retirement and enter him because he felt pretty good... I'm glad I did!

Keep's Nim won BOB in Youth Show B for her owner.  I love seeing that girl, she loves her bunnies so much

Overall, it was an excellent day, even if it was very long and very tiring.  We didn't get home until after 7:00pm, which is an unusually late time on a show day.


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