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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Taking Notes

One fun thing about showing is we do it differently in different parts of the country.  Here in NC, we don't use comment cards at the table.  In fact, I had never used the cards until I went to PA to show.

I often hang around the table with my scrap piece of paper and my pen, taking down my own placements.  I often can't remember from one group to the next how many animals were in each class or where my rabbits placed, so I have to do something!  I got in this habit back when I was part of an active rabbit forum- folks always wanted to know how everyone who had shown that day did.  I often had to say "Uhm...I don't remember.  I won a BOB! I have no idea how many rabbits there were...sorry!"  I was teased a bit for being so inattentive.

Several people I show with on a regular basis also take down their placements.  One lady actually keeps a very detailed notepad, complete with judge's comments, instead of just placements.  I tried doing this a few years ago but couldn't read my own chicken scratch as I frantically tried to write everything down as it was said.  I definitely admire her note-taking abilities!

From what I have noticed, comment cards definitely don't replace taking your own notes/placements or just good old fashioned listening to the judge.  By the time the poor writer finds the card and gets started, some of the judges are finishing up their remarks.  Most of my cards (from the few shows I have attended that have them) just have a few hasty check marks and maybe a "nice" or  "lacking" across a particular area of note.

So what about you? Do you write your own comments? Do you just take placings?  Do you get comment cards in your area?

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April said...

I made my own comment cards. It's a sheet with each rabbit's ear #, class, placement out of how many. Then I have areas like: head, ear, HQ, etc and then beside it I have quick terms like "excellent, good, fair, poor" to circle. If I have time I write comments beside that.

Julie said...

Usually, comment cards are only written for youth shows up here. You just hit the one show where they write them for open too. lol!

I usually show so few that I can remember the placement and comments. Plus, the show report will be on its way soon enough if I forget. Since I'm often traveling to and showing alone, I can't usually balance writing comments, grabbing several rabbits out of the same class, and running away without a disaster. But when I am showing more than a few or at a larger show, I'll keep a notepad in my grooming box and record placements or comments when I get back to my spot. :)

I like April's idea of printing her own too.

Kristina said...

I have comment cards that I made myself (took out all the useless stuff), and I also used to take a notepad to the table, and jot down notes. I would start off with a bad and good section, and just put single words in either section, and decipher it when the show was over. I would have a page, or half a page for each rabbit.

Briana said...

Here in Michigan we always use comment cards. I think I'd die without them. lol sometimes they aren't written on very much, but usually the writers work in teams of two so they aren't overwhelmed. :) I save all of mine and put them behind the pedigree Of the rabbit they go to.

Keep said...

It's so interesting how everyone does it! Poor Briana, you would have a fit down South, especially if you get one of those judges who mumbles quietly into the rabbit as they give comments LOL!