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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby Woes- and New Lines

What a set of baby woes I have had recently.

To start off with- every doe that was due this past week kindled.  Unfortunately, out of 9 babies born, only two are alive and healthy.

Keep's Sunset is the proud mother of two shadeds out of JG's Hot Stuff, the buck I brought in at Nationals to open up my shaded lines a little more.  Hot Stuff, when paired with Keep's KTLM produced Wonder's Kiss Me, the doe that brought $950 at the Golden Fleece Auction at Convention.  Needless to say, I am very excited to see what he produces here.

The thing that makes me the most nervous about bringing in new lines is the uncertainty.  Is there a genetic problem you aren't aware of? How does the line develop? Will it mesh well with what you already have?

I am lucky in that I bought Hot Stuff from Amber at Wonder Woolies, who is a good friend.  She gave me the information on anything she has seen pop up in his litters, how he breeds, what she has noticed from offspring, etc.  This kind of information is invaluable!

I will be rebreeding the girls that missed as soon as I know I'm well past our "vacation timeframe".  I don't want the friend who is feeding and taking care of the animals for me to have to deal with nestboxes or checking on litters.


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The Kings said...

Awe! Sorry about your baby woes. :-/ I am excited to hear about your new buck and hope he meshes well with your girls! Keep us posted. :-D