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Friday, April 27, 2012

Boys, Boys and more Boys

I sexed the four babies that are old enough to be sexed- three boys and a girl.  Ugh, my mostly buck streak continues! It's been going on for two years now and it's difficult to improve the herd when you can't get girls!

Both blacks and the AOV are bucks, the lone girl is also the lone shaded in the breedings- a little siamese sable. Hopefully she turns out nice, since she automatically gets to grow out here for a little while.

I have more does due on Saturday and I have my fingers crossed as tightly as I can get them that I'll get does!

I am very tempted to try the "by the moon" breeding to see if it gets me results.  Clearly, just breeding them when I feel like it is doing nothing but getting me little boys!



The Kings said...

How about we make a deal, share some of your boy luck and I'll send you my doe luck. LOL I have 10 baby does and 0 baby bucks to show. I need some boys!

Bunny Boy said...

I happened to find this awesome blog and followed it!
Was hoping that in return you would check out and follow my blog.
Bunny Hugs,
Bunny Boy

Keep said...

haha I would LOVE to trade that baby luck! :D

Amber said...

Watch out for that moon breeding thing, Keep. According to the chart a well-meaning Asian acquaintance (who swears by it) gave us, all of our boys should have been girls. lol Just sayin'....it might not work as you'd like it to. ;)

Keep said...

Hahaha Amber, that would completely be my luck!