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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Bummer

Muse's single baby ended up dying.  Thankfully after 12+hours she was able to get a stuck DOA baby out and begin to care for her singleton, but ultimately it didn't make it.

Erb's Indiana dumped a litter of seven on the wire.   They all crawled out of the cage- it was a nightmare! I found one live baby, a little chestnut, then one after another I found the dead babies- they seemed to be never ending.   Indiana built a beautiful nest, for some reason she decided not to use it, though she has been continuing to pull wool.   It was her first time, so I feel sure she'll do better next time.  I gave her baby to Muse to raise.  After a short break, I'll be rebreeding Indiana.

I'm going to have to evict Sunset's babies.  They are 3 weeks old and showing no signs that they ever want to leave their nestbox!  I am not sure what their malfunction is, but it's high time to be out exploring, not hiding in the dark recesses of the nestbox.  These two babies are shadeds- a seal and a siamese sable.

Keep's Harmony pulled a ton of wool.  I don't really understand her- she was the first of the does due on Saturday to start nesting, then she destroyed her nest, ate all the hay....and then nested again?  She ended up having one large DOA.  Ugh.  At least she is finally started, I'll be rebreeding her again very soon.

So this was a depressing time for babies, but I did at least get one live baby and several does are started.


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The Kings said...

Good grief! You've had bad luck with litters lately.:-( ((hugs)) Like you said, at least the does are started and I bet the next go around they will pull though for you. I bet the 3 weekers are getting SO cute!! You should post a picture....ahem! ;-)