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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Frisky Juniors

I swear, you leave for a week and when you come back, all your babies have forgotten you!

Muse's little foster chestnut is adorable.  Becca, our pet caretaker, had texted me early on in the trip to let me know everyone was doing find and that "the littlest baby has left the nest."  Figures! It waits until we leave to make it's debut.  Not entirely unexpected, but really, the day after we leave you do it?

Sunset's two shadeds are still beautiful.  I haven't sexed them yet, I will wait until I put them in weaning holes to do that, but ohhh my fingers are crossed for a little lady!

Bee's babies are old enough to be weaned today or tomorrow. I am not in love with the little black and the pointed is a foster baby, so I may go on and sell both.  Sometimes that is the best option, especially since I am really excited for some of the other babies.  It's only Bee's first litter and since only one of the two survived, this won't be a fair representation of what she produces anyway.

One of my older juniors is right in the middle of uglies- and boy has he developed an attitude! I tried to pet him and he grumped then growled at me and ran around the cage trying to avoid my hand! Looks like we will have to do some therapeutic cuddling for the next week to see if he can't drop that attitude.  He needs to be brushed anyway, his wool looks like a rat's nest!

At least my seniors were happy to see me- Poplar was begging for head rubs and binkying around his cage. That makes me so happy to see! Of course I had to stop and give him and others head rubs before I could finish the feeding, but it is so worth the extra time to give out lovings to the bunnies that want it!


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