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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Taylorsville Show

We had an awesome time at the Taylorsville show today, despite one of our regular exhibitors having to be rushed to the hospital before the show!  Thankfully she is fine- from what I heard, she wasn't too pleased with her husband when he refused to bring her by the showroom- she could have made it for Show B!  That's dedication hehe.

I didn't have much to show as far as variety went- a self buck, a broken buck, three shaded senior bucks and a shaded junior buck. 

It was a hot, hot, hot day and the showroom was getting pretty toasty as the hours passed.  Thankfully the show went really quickly (we were done by 3pm or so). Joni had a box fan and some smaller personal fans that she let us cool off with and our bunnies were able to take advantage of the air circulation as well.

Unfortunately Romeo, the junior buck, was the only shaded junior buck. Blah.

In Show A:
Keep's Panda, the broken senior buck, took BOG! I was thrilled!
Keep's Poplar, the self senior buck, took BOG as well!
Keep's KHA, one of the shaded senior bucks, also took BOG!

Just when I didn't think the day could get better- Keep's Poplar took BOB! Yay for my pretty guy. His picture is featured in the right hand corner of the homepage of the blog!

In Show B:

Keep's Panda took BOSG
Keep's Poplar took BOG
Keep's KHA took BOG, edging out Keep's Little Comment for the class win.

Then Keep's Poplar took BOB- again!

Yayy! I'm so happy that my guy rocked the show today against the beautiful animals the other exhibitors brought.

I brought home Southland's Snickers from Joni- she was nice enough to let me borrow her for a litter.  I had originally intended to breed her to KHA, but he wasn't able to seal the deal quickly enough- and I was very tired after getting up so early for the show today.  She went on a very successful date with Tribute, so fingers crossed for lovely little babies in a month!


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