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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Waiting on babies.

Erb's Indiana is due tomorrow! This is her first litter with me, I purchased her as a junior from Convention and I'm very pleased with her type and personality!  She earned two legs as a junior but has gone a little overweight, so I am doubting I'll ever get the opportunity to grand her, which is a shame.  However, I'd much prefer a good producing doe than a dozen champions that don't take care of their litters.

I'm out of regular hay, so Indiana is nesting in alfalfa.  Hopefully she's nesting in it, anyway.  I know it's going to be a very tempting snack, but hopefully she controls herself!

The next round of girls are due just five days after Indiana, then we have quite a break until April when the next round should be ready.  Pretty much every lady of age in the barn is bred.

The few juniors I have are looking good. I am very pleased with what I'm producing right now- if only the girls will give me more babies! My litter numbers have been low recently- I don't know if I should chalk that up to the fact it's "winter" or it's just bad luck.

I am thinking Panda will be given a break as "Top Stud" in the barn.  I have an unrelated shaded buck that I purchased at Nationals- I am definitely wanting to get plenty of offspring out of him to spread out mine lines a little before I start folding them back in to the tighter "Keep's" lines.

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