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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I have decided to officially get rid of my website.  I will be adding pages to this blog and you will still be able to come here via the www.keepsrabbitry.com link.  I will no longer be maintaining a separate website, since maintaining has become exactly the problem!

I am excited to get the blog updated to include the new pages. I will definitely be keeping the "Bucks", "Does", "Sales", "Links" and "Pet FAQ" page.  I may add an "About Us" page and perhaps a show results page- I am just not sure about that yet.

These changes will be occurring in the next few weeks, so if you try to come to the blog one day and it tries to redirect you to keepsrabbitry.com, don't be surprised!

Keep's Rabbitry


Kristina said...

I see changes are afoot. Much like how I am leaving you this comment. Weird.... Anywho yay for changes, and it's great that you wont loose your traffic by taking the domain name out completely.

Good luck!

April said...

I like this idea. My blog probably gets more traffic than my website and I'm sure yours is the same way.