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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hay time!

I bought the most beautiful bale of hay from TSC yesterday.  It's green and absolutely gorgeous...and the smell! Oh the smell...

It was a warm day and we left the hay in the car while we ran in to another store.  We came back and jumped in the car and it was filled with this glorious fresh-hay smell...it reminded me very strongly of green tea.

The rabbits are going to go nuts for this stuff! I always celebrate a new bale of hay by giving out a handful to everyone. It doesn't hurt that I usually have a little more than I can conveniently store.

Indiana hasn't had babies for me. I'm not completely counting her out yet, but I am definitely not expecting a litter anymore.  The new bale of hay comes just in time to fill up nestboxes for the other girls.  Hopefully I have better luck with them!

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