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Monday, March 12, 2012

Nationals has come and gone!

Oh gosh- well after two months of nothing but Nationals-centric posts, it's come and gone!

I miss everyone already- I really do.  I went out to dinner Sunday night with a group of 9 other people and we ended up sitting in the restaurant for nearly 3 hours, talking, laughing and just enjoying each others company.  Luckily the restaurant wasn't busy, so we weren't hurting the waitress's income!

I met so many new people this year and got to enjoy renewing friendships with those that I barely get to see.  I really do miss you guys already! Please come back soon :).

I also learned that I need to come with a disclaimer, since my sense of humor comes off strangely sometimes and I have to explain to folks I'm kidding.  My In-laws still don't have a full handle on it, so I guess I can't expect strangers to pick it up instantly either.

Amber at Wonder Woolies in California & Joni spent the night at at the house this weekend- too much fun, though we exhausted each other with our constant talking! I wish we had had more time to hang out and had been less tired!

All my sales rabbits went to great new homes and everyone seems happy with their purchases, so I'm thrilled! I also managed to sell the 9 excess chicks I still had- so I am down to just one cage with 9 chicks that I plan to grow out a little longer.

So- on to the results!  I was very pleased for the most part, considering the lack of coats and condition.


Panda- 2/11- So close!
Zumba- 3/7
Poplar- 5/21
Tribute- 4/15
Heart Throb- 5/15
Epiphany- 5/13

Not too bad :).  Poor Panda placed 2nd in 3 shows and took BOSG in two!  His son  Zumba took 2nd in two shows, 3rd in two shows and won his class once!

Poplar is my big winner, he took BOSB in Show B on Nationals Day!

Keep's Epiphany did very well- she is almost 3 and was tearing up the table with her top 5s- including BOSG and BOG the Day after Nationals!

Tribute's placements were very good- Top 5 in four shows (twice he was 2nd! SO close!) and then one judge placed him fairly low in the class.

All in all, a very good set of placements against some very beautiful animals.

Pictures to come soon!


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