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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Keep's Bee surprised me yesterday when she pulled a ton of wool.  After a bit of a fuss in which she learned we nest in the nestbox and after I compromised and moved her box to the other side of her cage, I crossed my fingers and hoped that this first timer would get it right.

I ran out to the barn to check on her as I was leaving for work this morning- two beautiful babies, in the nestbox! They were on top of the wool instead of under it, but hey, close enough.  I pushed the babies in to the back of the box and gave them a blanket of Mama's wool.  A quick look makes me suspect they are both black.  It figures.  Bee carries shaded and tort, while the father to the litter, Keep's Tribute is a seal.  Yet I get black.

Ahhh well, it looks like the selfs are slowly taking over the barn- the only other "babies" I have are a black and a broken black- both bucks.  These two little guys are definitely old enough to show, so I guess I shouldn't call them babies anymore.  They are young men at this point!

I'm going to rebreed all the girls who missed and I will try to palpate the ones due in April.  I always forget to palpate them- it will save me a lot of frustration if I can go on and figure out they aren't pregnant now.
Edit:  When I got home from work, Keep's Epiphany had given me four Panda babies! Eeek!

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