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Friday, August 6, 2010

Keep Records!!

Oh gosh- I made a big goof and didn't even intend to!

When I sold out my holland lops, I had 11 babies to move out and I didn't record who I sold them to in my pedigree program.

I was browsing websites and found the website of one person who had purchased several animals- some pedigreed and some pets. I emailed her based on a picture on her site, telling her that the pedigree information listed for one of the rabbits wasn't correct- I had convinced myself she had purchased 2 brokens as pedigreed animals and 2 solids as pets.

It turned out the pedigree (which I had supplied) WAS correct- my memory had failed me and she did get a solid animal with a pedigree. What started out as an attempt to make sure her pedigrees were accurate (especially because the pet animals carried a rainbow of colors behind them, while the others didn't) turned in to my giving a youth breeder a mini-heartattack.

It's important to keep good records! Unfortunately, my tattooer needle BROKE as I started pedigreeing the 11 holland babies, so only one got any kind of ID mark in it's ear.

Because I was selling out the hollands, I didn't do my usual record keeping. Eurgh.

KEEP GOOD RECORDS! That way you don't end up making a similar mistake!

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