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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting overwhelmed

I'm trying to establish a routine. Now that I am thankfully employed again, Tim and I have been frantically searching for a second car. We've checked out probably every decent used car in several counties and unfortunately we've been screwed over trying to buy one (so we walked out) and the other was sold out from under us. *sigh*

So we're looking for a new car. Bah.

Anyway, this brings me to the rabbit point- I've been a bit overwhelmed between my new job and my "it seems like a full time job" car search.

I spent a few hours yesterday grooming out some juniors. Wow no one is in coat at all. It's a bit upsetting with the show season starting in just a few short weeks! The juniors I wormed in hopes of getting them to molt have disappointed me- no full blown molts!

The seniors are all looking half/half right now. Eurgh!! Incredibly frustrating. It's hard to stay on top of 40ish molting woolies.

I need to find the time to sweep the rabbitry floor, tattoo a few new ones and set up my breeding board so I know who is due when and who needs to be rebred!

I need to get a control on this soon before it spirals out of control!

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