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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Barn

We had plans to have the rabbits installed in their new barn yesterday. It figures then, that it would rain most of the day. In between dodging rain drops and sitting inside cursing the downpours, we managed to move 23 cages and their occupants in. :) So at least we're around halfway done!

It's weird to have the herd split up the way it is, I definitely am hoping we're able to fit everyone else in their homes tonight.

Looking out the window- it's still raining. NOO! At least anything could happen- with NC if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes.

I suspect I'll have to have another herd reduction. Ok, scratch that- I know I will. I've got too many juniors that will need to move out and since I knew not all of my cages would fit in the new barn, I'll have to get rid of more adults as well. I did talk Tim in to letting me keep a trio of cages in the garage to house the pets- Joe the Mini Lop, Scout the neutered mixbreed and Pants, the VM Netherland. I'm still hoping to convince him that Pants needs to come inside, but so far I'm losing that particular battle.

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