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Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Boom!

I'm so happy, we're having quite the little baby boom right now!

Keep's Epiphany kindled two- one pinky (either REW or the dreaded Pointed) and one shaded baby! :D. She was linebred back to her daddy, Keep's Tryon, so I'm VERY excited about this litter.

Keep's Angel kindled two as well- one pinky and one pinky with a little color... could it, could it be an orange?! Only a little more time will tell, but my fingers are very crossed! Of course you know what they say about counting your kits before they are weaned.

Keep's Smoke kindled for the first time, one single DOA. Considering her age, I'm thrilled she kindled. Her nest could have been better, but she plucked plenty of wool, so she's got potential. It was this lucky girl's last chance. I'll wait a little while and rebreed her :).

Keep's Misunderstood, Keep's Lark ( :( ) and Wooligans Delaney are all due on the 18th.

I could have SWORN I bred WWR's Rice Ball, but don't have it recorded. I'll palpate her tomorrow and if she's been sitting all this time, I'll breed her. It's possible she was in the earlier group that all missed.

I'm hoping to breed Rice Ball, Prancer, Heartless (all shadeds) and a new Agouti doe in the next few days.

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